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Last updated July 24, 2017

This page lists current & recent work being done on covered bridges or under design. If you are aware of any projects not included here, please notify us at nspcb@yahoo.com so they can be added.

For earlier entries, see the list of major covered bridge projects since 2010.pdf file

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 Brookwood Bridge
Bayside, CA

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors has a contract with Quincy Engineering to come up with a plan to fix the historic bridge. The scope of work includes verifying the condition of the bridge and identifying specific repairs needed to bring the bridge up to pedestrian standards, a public outreach meeting, roof and paint inspections, and a detailed containment plan for paint, debris and fumigation of the bridge.

Work planned December 15, 2015

 Bridgeport Bridge
Bridgeport, CA

The stabilization and restoration project has two phases. In Phase I, RSC Engineering of Sacramento stabilized the bridge so no further damage to the structure will occur.

Phase II entails developing preliminary plans, design and assessments. The scope of work has been developed, contracts have been awarded and work orders have been submitted to companies that include structural and geotechnical engineers, schematic design, wood, and historical assessment firms.

After a thorough study of the structure, the repair estimate was increased from $1.5 million to $3.9 million in December 2015.

Plans being prepared for Phase II January 13, 2016

Freeman's Crossing Bridge
Yuba County, CA

We received a report that as of June 2017, this bridge had been completely dismantled.  A park ranger indicated that the bridge was to be rebuilt by October. It is not known how much of the original material will be used.

Major Work Underway July 23, 2017

 Richland Creek Bridge
Bloomfield, IN

Greene County Commissioners are researching options for repairing the bridge which was apparently damaged by an oversized vehicle. The estimated costs to the county won't be known for sure until the insurance carrier is contacted, but an estimate on the repairs on both the front where the recent damage occurred and on the back where upgrades are needed total $7,450.

Repairs planned August 5, 2014

Shieldstown Bridge
Jackson County, IN

The Indiana Department of Transportation says repairs to the Shieldstown covered bridge will involve replacing the roof and rotten wood, repairing piers and building a parking lot for visitors. The project has experienced delays from delivery of inferior wood. Work is expected to restart in September 2017.

Repairs delayed July 2017

Beech Fork Bridge
Washington County, KY

The bridge is receiving receive significant repairs including new lower chords and replacement of rotted truss members.  Work began in May 2016 and is scheduled to be completed in late 2017.  Work to be done by M. Arnold Graton Associates.

Work underway June 27, 2017

 Roddy Road Bridge
Frederick County, MD

Work to repair damage caused by an oversized vehicle on June 16, 2016.  This was constructed as a new bridge.  Fitzgerald Heavy Timber Construction was awarded the contract.  The cost of repairs will be paid by insurance.

Repairs Complete April 17, 2017

Whites Bridge
Ionia County, MI

Plans for the replacement White's Bridge are complete and the project is ready to go. Bids were due by August 5, but were postponed.  Awaiting additional funding.

Project ready to advertise April 17, 2017
Union Bridge
Paris, MO

Repairs to siding and roof.

Work completed. September 3, 2015
New Hampshire

Village Common Bridge
Wentworth, NH

The Goffe's Mill Covered Pedestrian Bridge, formally located over Bowen Brook at Goffe's Mill in Bedford, NH has been salvaged, removed and trucked to Wentworth and reconstructed on Village Common Road over Baker River. The design/build team of DuBois & King, Inc. and Stan Graton/3G Construction, Inc. completed the project.

Bridge completed June 2017
New York

 Blenheim Bridge 
North Blenheim, NY

A project is in the works to build a replica of the Blenheim Bridge lost during Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011. Greenman-Pedersen Inc has the design contract and has subcontracted with Hoyle-Tanner Associates to work on the design.  Bids for the project were opened in October 2016.

Bids Opened October 27, 2016 October 28, 2016

 Beaverkill Bridge 
Sullivan County, NY

The Beaverkill Covered Bridge is being rehabilitated by Sullivan County Paving & Construction, Inc. A 140’ Acrow Bridge was inserted inside the Covered Bridge in March 2016 to support it during the rehabilitation process.  Jacking and straightening of the bridge were completed in mid-April. Deteriorated truss members are being replaced.  Other work included the repairs and replacements to the flooring and roof members, installation of new batten board siding, new roof, new deck, new curb, approach railing and application of fire retardant, insecticide and fungicide coatings.  The project is scheduled to be completed in fall of 2016.

Repairs nearly complete November 16, 2016

 Newfield Bridge 
Newfield, NY

The Tompkins County Legislature authorized a design funding agreement with the New York state DOT in which Tompkins will pay the full up-front design cost -- $110,000 – and eventually receive back roughly $104,500 in federal and state money. That leaves the local tab for the Covered Bridge design plans at $5,500, a cost split between Tompkins County and the town of Newfield. The county has contracted with Clough, Harbour and Associates for a design to outfit the bridge with a new fire detection and suppression system, improve drainage around the structure and the application of a wood preserve to prevent molding.

In Design July 5, 2014

McCafferty Road Bridge 
Brown County, OH

Repair truck damage to roof braces. Work to be completed in early July by The Righter Company.

Work completed June 30, 2016

 Jim McClellen Bridge 
Columbiana County, OH

Columbiana County received $500,000 in grant money towards the project. Work was designed by Smolen Engineering.

The restoration work includes raising the bridge a foot, with a new stone abutment on one end and a rebuilt abutment on the other. Wood siding and flooring that can be rehabilitated will be reused, and the rest will be replaced. Most was not reusable and this will be considered a new bridge. The wood will also be treated with a fire retardant

The project was awarded to McCoy Construction of Calcutta.

New Bridge completed June 2017

Ballard Road Bridge 
Greene County, OH

Replace deteriorated truss members, a new roof and new siding are in the works for the Ballard Road Bridge. About 80 percent of the project ($560,000) will be paid for out of federal funds. County dollars ($140,000) will make up the remaining 20 percent. The project was awarded to R.G. Zachrich Construction for their bid in the amount of $485,480.48

Work Nearly Complete November 15, 2016

 Johnson Road Bridge 
Jackson County, OH

Repair and restoration.  Work designed by Smolen Engineering. Repairs completed by The Righter Company of Columbus, OH.

Repairs complete April 27, 2016

Foraker Bridge 
Monroe County, OH

Monroe County commissioners contracted with the Righter Company to repair the Foraker Bridge. The project included replacement of some floor beams and lower chords plus tightening of tension rods to remove a sag in the bridge. The project was completed in October 2016.

 Repairs Completed October 26, 2016

 Knowlton or Long Bridge 
Monroe County, OH

Monroe County commissioners approved a feasibility study with a cap of $10,000 regarding the span that dates from 1887.

 Repairs planned for 2017 November 18, 2016

 Rochester Bridge 
Douglas County, OR

Replace existing metal roof with cedar shingle roof. Replace timber siding. Replace timber bridge rail, running planks, decking and stringers. Install post-tensioning system. Tune truss to prescribed chamber. Perform chemical fumigation. Paint bridge rails and exterior surface of bridge siding. Install steel backed timber guardrail.

Repairs completed in 2015 October 16, 2016

Wildcat Bridge 
Lane County, OR

Repair work completed by Oregon Woods, Inc.

Repairs Completed Summer 2016 October 16, 2016

 Belknap Bridge 
Lane County, OR

Repair work underway by Oregon Woods, Inc.

Repairs Completed October 16, 2016

Shimanek Bridge 
Linn County, OR

Temporary supports have been added in deteriorated area until permanent repairs can be arranged. Linn County is awaiting funding for repairs.

Work Planned for 2018 April 15, 2017

Gilkey Bridge 
Linn County, OR

Rehabilitation work is being planned to bring the bridge back up to a 40-ton rating. Also, replacement of the approach spans and improvement of the road approach. Construction to take place during the summer of 2017.

Work In Progress July 15, 2017
PA/38-05-22 Bowser Bridge
Bedford County, PA

The Bowser Bridge near Osterburg is going to have renovations totaling nearly $350,000.

Repairs planned August 25, 2014
PA/38-05-25 Jackson's Mill Bridge
Bedford County, PA

The Jackson's Mill Bridge near Breezewood has received repairs including a new coat of paint totaling $204,000.

Repairs complete. Ribbon cutting May 5, 2015 May 2, 2015
PA/38-06-07 Dreibelbis Bridge
Berks County, PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is designing repairs to the bridge. At present, the plans include replacement of the concrete-encased stone abutments with new concrete abutments and replacement of the historic timber floor support system with steel beams. NSPCB sent a letter to the DOT which was presented at a November 10th meeting to review the historic impacts of the project.

Repairs being designed November 10, 2016
PA/38-15-05 Speakman #1 Bridge
Chester County, PA

The bridge has been closed since 2011.  PennDOT has awarded a $3.2 million contract to Eastern Highway Specialists. Inc. of Wilmington, Del., to rehabilitate the Rapps Dam, Speakman #1 and Knox Covered Bridges. Work at Speakman includes replacement of the substructure; the reconstruction of the support abutments and wing walls; and the reassembly and replacement of necessary timber members. The project will reuse as much of the existing structure as possible. Steel beams have been added under the bridge. The bridge was reopened on October 19, 2016.

Bridge Opened October 19, 2016 October 19, 2016
PA/38-15-15 Knox Bridge
Chester County, PA

The bridge was closed after being damaged by a vehicle. PennDOT has awarded a $3.2 million contract to Eastern Highway Specialists. Inc. of Wilmington, Del., to rehabilitate the Rapps Dam, Speakman #1 and Knox Covered Bridges. The work is completed, but bridge may not be open until fall 2016 because of local road work.

Work completed  May 29, 2016
PA/38-39-03 McConnells Mill Bridge
Lawrence County, PA

Bridge closed August 29, 2016 for about two months while the entire structure is repainted. Cost for the project is $390,000 and Spartan Contracting of Hubbard, Ohio, will perform the work.

Work to begin August 29 August 17, 2016
PA/38-43-01 Kidd's Mill Bridge
Mercer County, PA

A project to repair this bridge is planned.  It will also include application of fire retardant.  Design by Winslow Engineering of Hermitage, PA.

Public Meeting May 12 May 7, 2016
PA/38-50-16 Dellville Bridge
Perry County, PA

A project to rebuild the bridge lost to arson in November 2014 has been approved by the county commissioners.  Bids are expected to be opened in mid May 2016.

Project going to bid April 9, 2016
Félix-Gabriel-Marchand Bridge
Mansfield et Pontefract, QC

The bridge was closed for emergency repairs last spring. It was closed for safety reasons in May 2014 after a structural evaluation. The transport ministry is preparing plans for the project. They will likely call for offers over the next few months.

Work planned January 11, 2016
Randall Bridge
Lyndon, VT

Bridge closed to all traffic and use. Rehabilitation of the bridge for use as a pedestrian and trail (snowmobile) crossing. Rehabilitation design by DuBois & King, Inc. Work to include repair to roof framing, trusses, floor framing, concrete abutments, and approach pathway.

Conceptual design complete March 31, 2015
Sequin/Seguin or Upper Bridge
Charlotte, VT

The Seguin Bridge will receive some repairs during the summer of 2016. The work will include new top chords, flooring and floor beams. The contractor will also apply insecticide/fungicide and fire-retardant coatings. Blow & Cote, Inc. of Morrisville, VT, was the low bidder at $431,048.00.

Repairs Completed Fall 2016 April 15, 2017
Hectorville Bridge
Montgomery, VT

Bridge superstructure removed from site, dismantled and all timber stored in Town for future use. Conceptual study and recommendations completed by DuBois & King, Inc. Recommendations include repairs to deteriorated truss members and roof framing members; new metal roof and new floor planks; on new concrete abutments. Town plans to rehabilitate superstructure and erect at Town recreation field as Pedestrian Bridge.

Conceptual study completed February 11, 2016
Longley Bridge
Montgomery, VT

Plans include the preservation of the original design of the Town Lattice Truss by replacing the trusses in-kind to support a 20-ton design vehicle, installing new floor and lower lateral bracing system, retaining the majority of the roof framing and upper lateral bracing, substructure repairs, application of fire retardant, insecticide and fungicide coatings and installation of new approach timber railing.  The project is anticipated to be completed by early fall of 2017.

Construction Underway July 23, 2017
Green River Bridge
Guilford, VT

Structural problems were discovered in the west abutment during wingwall repairs in 2014. Additional repairs designed by Hoyle, Tanner Associates will be made by Wright Construction in the summer of 2016. This includes straightening the structure, new floor deck, replacement of some floor beams, replacing 1 piece of lower chord, 2 sister lattice installations and some other minor structural repairs. Also new standing seam roof to replace the existing asphalt shingle roof.

Work scheduled for summer 2016 April 25, 2016
VT/45-13-13 Scott Bridge
Townshend, VT

Scott Covered Bridge is owned by the Division of Historic Preservation and maintained by AOT, which closed it to pedestrian traffic in February 2012 following a routine two-year inspection that turned up dangerous rot, buckling, and other grave structural concerns. A major restoration, which included removal of the failed arch, was completed in the spring of 2017 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 23, 2017.

Bridge Officially Reopened July 23, 2017 July 24, 2017
West Virginia

 Philippi Bridge
Philippi, WV

The bridge is receiving some major work along with new siding, an updated electrical system and fire protection system.  Work is expected to be completed in late summer 2016. Orders Construction of St. Albans, WV has the contract for the $2 million job.

Work Completed September 17, 2016