logoNational Society for the
Preservation of Covered Bridges


Officers & Board of Directors

October 2016 through October 2017

President William Caswell
Vice President Karl Olson
Treasurer Gloria Smedley
Financial Secretary Gloria Smedley
Recording Secretary Joye Olson
Corresponding Secretary Bob Watts
(3 year term)

Tim Andrews (exp. 2017)
Carmela Sciandra (exp. 2018)
Scott Wagner (exp. 2019)

Custodians, Eastman Fund Gloria Smedley
Bill Caswell
Bob Watts



Editor of Topics VACANT
Newsletter EditorRob Mitchell
Official Historian Bill Caswell
World Guide Numbers and Updates Dan Brock
Bill Caswell
Sales and Mailing Chair Bill & Jenn Caswell
Membership Chair Jennifer Caswell
World Guide Sales Bill Caswell
Archivist Bill Caswell
Official Photographers Bob Watts
Scott Wagner
Web Master William Caswell
Nominating Committee
(3 year term)
Tim Andrews (exp. 2017)
Bob Watts (exp. 2018)
Betty Pauwels (exp. 2019)
Scholarship Committee Bill Caswell
James Garvin
Martha McShea
Timber Framing Advisors Tim Andrews
Arnold Graton
Will Truax