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Posted June 14, 2017

Two authentic, 40-foot long Town Lattice trusses of new construction, containing single top and bottom chords located in Campton, New Hampshire.  The trusses were built of Douglas Fir timber, grade #1 or better.  Both the chords and lattice components measure 3x12, rough sawn.  White Oak was used for the 1 trunnels.  18 of the 21 total floor beams needed for the floor system are included in the package.  The floor beams are rough sawn 4x12 and are Douglas Fir #1 or better.  The attached floor plank of Hemlock, measuring 3 thick is included in the package.

In its present configuration, the travel area is 14-6 wide and would have 11-5 vertical clearance if the roof was added.  It would be possible to increase the vertical clearance.

The trusses and floor system were constructed and used for a research project which has concluded.  A test vehicle, weighing in excess of 10 tons, was repeatedly run through the bridge as part of the research project.  We anticipate that the bridge, if finished traditionally with siding and roofing, should support a 10 ton load rating.

The new owner will be responsible for disassembly of the bridge and floor system, removal costs, and any clean up of the storage location within 30 days of accepting this offer.  In the event the new owner requires more time for removal, they shall negotiate an extension of time with the storage site land owner.  Proof of insurance shall be provided prior to entering the storage location for bridge removal.

The cost to construct both trusses and floor system exceeded $50,000.00.

This is a great opportunity for a hiking or bike trail.  For more information or to arrange a site visit, please contact Timothy Andrews at bbofne@gmail.com or 603-293-0402.

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